Predicting and understanding future government regulatory action

Listen to Robert Dessau, CEO of voxgov, speak.

What is voxgov

Voxgov is a technology company founded by Robert Dessau that aggregates government data (8,500 sources) and then provides users with filters so they can quickly sift through the data to find relevant information.

Why was voxgov founded?

Robert founded the company after having run a consulting business that helped Australian companies compete for bids for US government contracts. In helping these companies, Robert realized that being able to access and understand pre-legislative government materials enabled him to better predict future government actions, thereby giving his clients a competitive edge.

Robert then realized that this government information was of great potential use to a variety of other actors, including law firms, and founded voxgov to provide that access.

Why use voxgov at a law firm?

Voxgov would be a useful service for lobbyists and government-affairs lawyers, general counsel, and any lawyer with signifiant need to track government activity on specific topics across a range of sources and in real time.” Robert Ambrogi, Law Sites blog.

Use case 1:

Law Firm Z has a large Financial Services practice.

The firm needs to know about know every mention of Dodd-Frank by the U.S. Federal government in next to real-time due to the nightmare of regulatory compliance requirements for domestic and foreign financial institutions introduced by Dodd-Frank and potentially catastrophic financial risk of non-compliance.

In fact, firms are/were paid 5 and 6 figure monthly fees to help clients to navigate their way through the regulatory minefield it presented. Just keeping track of the regulations was made even harder due to the unusually high number of authoring Executive Agencies and Offices.

In a single search on Voxgov, the user gains immediate access to:

– 23,948 matches

– by Date

– by Document type (over 30)

– by Category (15)

– by Branch of Government

– by Party

– by Source (448 Democrats; 519 Republicans; 231 Executive Agencies & Offices)

– leading keywords; names; organizations and places

In addition, there are custom views, alerts, storage, reporting and delivery options.

Select sources.

The user cares about regulatory background because . . .

Of the 23,948 mentions of Dodd-Frank in our database, 7,122 were regulatory or legislative documents. Voxgov captured an additional 16,826 other government documents referencing the subject (such as official source press releases, speeches, transcripts, blogs, articles, advisories, publications, as well as official source social media content.) These difficult to find, widely dispersed materials provide lawyers with the advantage of greater insights into the legislative and regulatory intent through access to information that otherwise goes missed.

Use case 2:

Law Firm A has a significant Advertising Law Practice.

Advertising law requires constant work to ensure existing clients are maintained and new clients are brought on-board. The firm publishes a number of different ‘promotional’ pieces via their Articles, Blogs, etc.

Using voxgov, the firm can supplement its materials with valuable timely original source on-topic insights from all branches of government that touch upon the political, policy, legislative and regulatory impact from the intersection of government and advertising, that otherwise go missed.

In doing so, they show they are listening, informed and proactive in watching over the needs of their clients.

Sample documents might include:

– ‘Lumosity to Pay $2 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges for Its “Brain Training” Program’

– ‘FTC Brings Enforcement Action Against DeVryUniversity for False Advertising’

– ‘Lujan Introduces Legislation to Increase Transparency in Political Advertising’

– ‘Congressman Smith Introduces Bill to Protect Taxpayers, Stop EPA Propaganda Machine’

Chart results

Why would a user use voxgov and not Lexis or Westlaw?

Voxgov occupies a specific niche that is not the main focus of either of these products.

Legislative and regulatory documents represent just 15% of our database.

Voxgov specializes in providing the most comprehensive record of what government is saying by tracking the political, policy, legislative and regulatory conversation from all branches across 8,500 U.S. Federal government sources.

Voxgov visits over 15,000 unique .gov web destinations multiple times daily in search of over 50 types of documents containing news, media and information that informs users about who in government is saying what on any subject at any time. By bringing order to the widely dispersed sources of government information, users become and remain well informed and are better placed to manage risk and make decisions for the benefit and well-being of their clients.

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