Why does new access to new government data matter?

For Jean O’Grady, her passion came from two experiences early in her career. 

  • “You have no idea how much money I just saved my client because I knew that regulation was in the pipeline.”
  • “My client just told me about X . . . your job is to make sure that never happens again.”


Why else should we care? According to the speakers, the main benefits are:

  • Making better, more informed decisions regarding our cases, clients, and firm.
  • Improving efficiency.
  • Reducing exposure to risk.

What’s one new tool that Jean O’Grady highlighted as one that can help us make more informed decisions?

Fastcase’s visual timelines.

Ed Walters of Fastcase comments:

The Interactive Timeline goes beyond a text-based list of search results, to a 4D map of search results, so you can see at a glance what’s most important to you, and know when to stop reading.  We’ve gotten so used to text-based search results that we don’t even realize what a terrible tool that is for finding what’s important.  Each result looks like the others, and we can’t tell the difference without reading them all.  In the modern era, no client should ever pay for a lawyer to read all results, or to risk missing the important cases.  Data visualization makes the winners jump out of the pack — a killer app for lawyers (and the clients who pay them).

View an example Fastcase timeline here.

Join us tomorrow to learn what people mean by the terms “structured” and “unstructured” data, and how tools like voxgov can help you better predict future government action.

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