Authenticating government data

On February 17th, PacerPro hosted a panelist discussion with Jean O’Grady, head librarian at DLA Piper, Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, executive director at NYLI, Gavin McGrane, CEO and co-founder of PacerPro, and Robert Dessau, CEO and founder of voxgov. Below find an excerpt regarding government data.

Discussion overview: 

Legal analysis is only as good as the materials it relies on – but in a digital age, verifying your sources faces new challenges.

Use Case: 

Identifying and maintaining access to government documents in an electronic age. This problem may arise because, for example, certain government agencies don’t maintain up-to-date versions of the laws/regulations on their sites.

What’s being done: 

UELMA. Listen to Lucy-Curci Gonzalez discuss UELMA here.


UELMA provides for the preservation of and access to trustworthy state primary legal materials.

The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA) is a uniform law that addresses many of the concerns posed by the publication of state primary legal material online. UELMA provides a technology-neutral, outcomes-based approach to ensuring that online state legal material deemed official will be preserved and will be permanently available to the public in unaltered form.

The American Association of Law Library (AALL) members and chapters partner with the Uniform Law Commission and other organizations around the country to advocate for adoption of UELMA.

Background and advocacy materials available from AALL at:

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