Remote Data Analyst

PacerPro is an established legal tech startup, founded in 2011. We are currently looking to hire a data analyst to generate reports on our customer data.

The Details

  • ~20 hours per week
  • 3 month contract term
  • We are 100% remote, based in San Francisco

Primary Tasks

  • Build a strong understanding of our database
  • Access our data using SQL and the server-side language of your choice. While we use Ruby, we aren’t strict about it. Using another language (Python, R, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Create Excel reports for our management team on an as-needed basis.
  • Automate creation of Excel reports when necessary.
  • Develop processes to surface business value from our large and growing dataset of US Federal court cases.

Secondary Tasks

  • Eventually, once you’ve learned what types of reports are needed, we’d like you to help us design a web interface to run these reports.
  • Maintain and iterate on the web interface.


We work with many of the top law firms in the US. Availability and presence in the Pacific time zone is preferred.

Our app is written in Ruby on Rails. You may use Python (or another language) but you might get more value out of staying in Ruby.

Please contact us, and we’ll send you some of our current production to look at.

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