Bulk downloads

PacerPro allows you to download multiple documents at once from PACER

  • This includes exhibits and attachments
  • Each file will be downloaded to a separate PDF
  • Each file will be named with the court, case number, docket entry number and date of filing




I got a partner call at 3pm on a Friday. The partner had just jumped into a case and needed everything printed for them – 156 docket entries, 225 documents. I knew it would take me at least 2 hours of work to get done, and I just didn’t have the time – I was already working on other urgent tasks. Worse, the partner was anxious to leave the office, so I knew that even my best effort wouldn’t be good enough. That’s when I called PacerPro. In under 10 minutes, they signed me up for an account and I completed the entire download project. Paralegal, Top LA firm


Downloading multiple filings from the docket of a federal district court can be a very time consuming process. While sometimes there’s option to download several documents for a single filing as a zip file, PACER forces the user to browse to a separate web page before a filing can be viewed. You can’t simply check off multiple entries on the docket for downloading. Lexis Courtlink does provide this option, but you have to wait for the PDF images to be emailed, and I’ve experienced problems with larger files arriving. . . The batch download option in PacerPro lets you get around this problem. Litigation support tip of the night


If you have never tried to download 44 exhibits plus a main document, you just haven’t lived yet. It can take forever. [With PacerPro] that has been virtually eliminated. Peggy Wallace, legal assistant manager Susman Godfrey, LLP