An Explanation of the Change in PACER Authentication

As you may know, PACER recently implemented changes to its login procedures. Those changes affected PacerPro service for some users whose PACER accounts also enable them to make court filings. This issue principally affects two groups: individual attorneys using their personal PACER accounts with PacerPro, and law firms whose attorneys may have accidentally “linked” their case-filing (ECF) account to the firm’s view-only PACER credentials.

If you or your firm are among those affected, we ask that you take one of the following steps to ensure continued access to PacerPro.

The first option is to “de-link” your PACER account from filing accounts by visiting to determine which courts have been linked to your PACER account, then contact those courts to delink those accounts.

The second option is to obtain separate view-only PACER credentials by visiting

Then enter the new credentials at (for individual accounts) or (for firm accounts). Please note that PACER only allows users to associate one individual account per email address.

Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.

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