National Docketing Association Panel

Panelists include managers from Sidley Austin, Keker, Van Nest & Peters, and Schulte Roth & Zabel. Moderated by John Digilio

On March 23, the National Docketing Association hosted a panel discussion featuring PacerPro.

John Digilio, former national library manager of Reed Smith, now at LibSource, moderated.

When John asked the law firm managers how their lawyers had responded to PacerPro, they replied:

Debbie Brand (Sidley Austin) “They love it. . .  You know everybody’s using it.”

Evan Melluzzo (Schulte Roth & Zabel) “Really, really good feedback.”

Michelle Koepf (Keker Van Nest) – “I can tell that the [attorneys] have really adapted to it . . . one attorney [sent a sort of congratulations to me and included the managing partner saying . . . he just really loves it.]”

The host, Elaine Screechfield (Morrison & Foerster) added, “I’m a client . . . we had a very successful 7 office roll-out. . . I really appreciate the product.”

Powerpoint available here.

Panel discussion here.

Jean O’Grady, Bob Ambrogi on Mining Gold from Government Data

On February 17th, PacerPro hosted a panelist discussion with Jean O’Grady, head librarian at DLA Piper, Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, executive director at NYLI, Gavin McGrane, CEO and co-founder of PacerPro, and Robert Dessau, CEO and founder of voxgov.

The session was moderated by Bob Ambrogi.

The broad ranging conversation provided valuable insight on a number of important questions, including:

  • Why are new tools and new sources of government data important to legal teams?
  • What are the primary challenges in accessing government data?
  • 10 new tools that provide new insights into government data

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing blog posts summarizing the panelists’ thoughts on each of these topics, along with links to relevant sections of the recording and/or slides and images, as appropriate.

Specific use cases will be provided as possible, so that followers can better understand when it’s appropriate to use which tool.

Tools covered include PacerPro, voxgov, NYLI, Manzama, FastCase, Lex Machina, Ravel Law, UELMA, and more.

We invite your constructive comments on these posts – and on the products. For example, we’d love to know what’s working for you, what isn’t, and where would you like to see development.

Bob Ambrogi, J.D., nationally recognized and award winning legal technology expert

Jean O’Grady, J.D., M.L.S., Director of Research Services and Libraries at DLA Piper, Blog Dewey B Strategic voted “Best Legal Research/Writing Blog in ABA Magazine Blawg 100 Poll”

Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, M.L.S., Executive Director at New York Law Institute

Gavin McGrane, J.D., co-founder and CEO of PacerPro

Robert Dessau, founder and CEO of voxgov