Creating a PacerPro account (enterprise users ONLY)

For users working at firms with enterprise access, you can quickly and easily create a PacerPro account for yourself and/or colleagues through our website.

You will need to have on hand the new user’s:

  • Name,
  • Email address, and
  • PACER search credentials. Your PACER search credentials are the credentials that you enter when you go to and run a search

Information you may need:

  • If your firm requires you to enter a client code when searching PACER, you will need to have a client code available during set-up


  • Go to
  • Click “join your colleagues” (Image)
  • Enter the user’s name, email address and create a new PacerPro password for the user (Image).
  • Write the PacerPro password down so that you can send it to the new user later
  • Click “sign-up”
  • You will be taken to a new screen and asked to enter your PACER search credentials (Image)

Watch a video.

The account has been created! Send the new user an email telling them they can log-in at by clicking “sign-in” and entering their email address and the PacerPro password that you created.

If you’d like, you can send them the following Welcome Email.


PacerPro makes PACER easier to use.

PDFs to go
Within minutes of an ECF filing, PACERPro automatically e-mails the ECF notification with the filings already attached to everyone you designate on your case team.
Set-up instructions

Distribution lists
Easily set-up and manage email distribution lists from within PacerPro – so everyone gets the files they need, automatically.
Set-up instructions

Track cases of interest 
Not involved in a case, but want updates as to new entries? Use PacerPro!
Set-up instructions

Use this whenever you would otherwise search PACER to find the case(s) you need faster.
How to instructions

Bulk download
Download multiple documents from PACER with one click. All files will be automatically named for you.
How to instructions

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