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Better control of your email, better visibility into your cases

San Francisco, CA—March 22, 2016—P​acerPro, the smarter way to access PACER, today launched Case Feed, a feature that provides all team members, including lawyers, paralegals and docketing personnel, personalized feeds showing all activity in their cases in real­time chronological order.

“PacerPro’s new Case Feed provides access, organization and transparency ­ both across cases and across departments,” said Gavin McGrane, PacerPro’s founder and CEO. “It also plays a key role in getting email inboxes under control during litigation.”


Industry comments

“PacerPro is on an innovative roll these days. As accolades continue to build for the docket-access startup, its developers are upping the ante with new functionality.”


“A one-stop shop for all NEFs and associated filings, the new Case Feed is a user-friendly alternative to email that makes it easy to understand case activity at a glance.”

Evan Melluzzo, Director of Docketing & Court Services at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

“The PacerPro Case Feed helps me keep on top of cases I have pending in courts all over the country. I can see, on one screen, what’s happened today, and it lets me instantly pull up all of the day’s filings to make sure I haven’t missed an email going by.”

Joseph Gratz, Litigation Partner, Durie Tangri LLP

“PacerPro’s case feed feature is a huge improvement over having to dig through my email to find the documents I need. It provides me the information I need faster and more efficiently than any other method in existence.”

Robin Brewer, Litigation Associate, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati LLP

Never Miss A Filing

The feature works by automatically retrieving electronically filed documents in cases in which the law firm is involved. When PACER sends a notice of electronic filing (NEF) indicating a new docket entry in a case, PacerPro immediately updates Case Feed with the PDFs of the filings.

The Case Feed is organized in chronological order and shows all docket activity across cases for a particular user. When a user clicks on any item in the activity list, the full PDF of the court filing is displayed to the right of the item. By scanning the feed, users can easily understand at a glance what’s happening in all of their cases.

Admin Case Feeds are available, providing managers visibility into case activity across practice groups, and offices.

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The feature works in conjunction with PacerPro’s Pdfs ­to ­go service, which automatically distributes all NEFs via email, with PDF filings attached, to distribution lists created by users.


“With these two features, Case Feed and Pdfs ­t o­go, PacerPro ensures that everyone on the case team – from paralegals to lawyers, from docketing clerks to clients and co­-counsel – not only know what’s happening when it happens, but can effortlessly organize, track and access on­-going activity,” McGrane said.

These features also provide the benefit of greatly reducing PACER costs by eliminating repetitive downloads. PACER’s NEFs allow only one free download of an electronic filing, with regular PACER fees charged for subsequent downloads. With PacerPro’s Case Feed, everyone on a team has access to the documents and can download them as often as they need.

“Litigation workflows are broken, with team members relying on an unreliable mix of court notices, paralegal emails, attorney forwards, and archaic document management systems to keep track of their cases,” said McGrane. “It’s a distracting, inefficient mess that’s bad for law firms and bad for clients.

“We clean this up, providing a streamlined, reliable dashboard where you and the rest of your team can find what you need, when you need it.”

About PacerPro

Founded by an experienced civil litigation attorney, PacerPro makes it easy – and cost effective – to find and manage the PACER filings you need. In a competitive, fast paced legal environment, PacerPro is the PACER upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

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