Search PACER, Litigant Profiles

From the search page you can search: 

  • Individual court websites directly
  • Case Locator (PACER’s nationwide index)

PacerPro’s search interface provides direct, real-time access to these systems, so if PACER has it, we’ll bring it back.

Searching particular courts

  • Select the appropriate tab (district, bankruptcy or appellate)
  • Begin typing in a state name to find the court you want
  • Click enter to select the court
  • Enter the party or attorney name or the case number
  • Enter the date filing range (not the date of last activity)
  • Enter a client code
  • Note: you can search more than one court at a time

Searching Case Locator

  • Case Locator is the Nationwide index
  • Case Locator is useful in two scenarios
    • When you are looking for a particular case but do not know where it was filed
    • When you need to generate a nationwide profile of a particular litigant or attorney
  • Case Locator has two limitations
    • Case Locator trails the individual court websites by 24-72 hours
    • Case Locator has very good but incomplete attorney information


John Digilio, head librarian, Reed Smith, LLP 

With a few simple clicks, researchers can quickly and almost effortlessly generate a nationwide look at any party’s litigation profile. . . This is hot functionality . . . Think of the time you just saved on having to compile that list yourselves!

Jim Shelar, Head Librarian, Arnold & Porter, LLP

We tested PacerPro’s litigant profiler, which leverages PACER’s case locator service, against other legal search services we have (Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, Courthouse news, etc.) and found that PacerPro retrieved more cases than any of the other services. The searching is much more accurate than the others and offers superior filtering capabilities as well.