Setting Up PacerPro’s PDF2Go Service

Obtain your unique PacerPro email address

  • Login to PacerPro
  • On the MyCases page, click “New feature — Get your ‘free look’ PDFs sent to you minutes after your initial notice of electronic filing email (NEF) arrives. Click here to be emailed set-up instructions.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.54.57 AM.png

Enter your unique PacerPro email address into PACER

  • Obtain the attorney’s CM/ECF filing credentials (username and password)
  • Go to the CM/ECF PACER site (not the PacerPro site)
    • Select the appropriate court
    • Log-in using the attorneys’ filing credentials (these are NOT regular PACER search credentials)
    • Click Utilities, and either “Manage my account” or “Maintain your email”
    • Add your PacerPro unique email address as a secondary recipient
    • Settings should be:
      • Notifications per filing, not daily summary
      • HTML




Trey Peacock, Litigation Partner and Chair of the Technology Board, Susman Godfrey LLP

We are fans. The attorneys all loved it.

Dale Jachlewski, head librarian, Quinn Emanuel

The attorneys love [PacerPro].

John G. Papianou, Litigation Partner, Montgomery McCracken Rhoads & Walker

Love love LOVE PacerPro. Thanks for sticking with usJ